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The Site

The Uber Arranger site was established to serve as a resource hub for guitar educators and performers with the objective to establish a community where expertise and resources can be accessed and shared. “Road tested” arrangements can be purchased at nominal prices or obtained for free through the Arrange Exchange feature. All arrangements are available with treble or bass clef bass lines and can be downsized upon request (e.g. 5-3 guitars). Score and parts are also included with each purchase.

The Arrangers

Randy Haley

Randall Haley - The ArrangerRandy has been writing and arranging music for over 20 years. His arrangements have been recorded and performed by classical and jazz ensembles throughout North America.

Haley obtained degrees in music and education from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. A guitarist at heart, Randy has also studied the violin, harpsichord, jazz guitar, and composition.

In 2009 Haley placed first in the Don Wright Composition Competition (University of Victoria) for his composition "Treasure Trove" and has received commissions from the Canadian Music Education Coalition to create the guitar ensemble arrangements for the national Music Monday event since 2006.

In addition to teaching classroom guitar and jazz guitar ensemble at J.H. Bruns Collegiate in Winnipeg, Haley also teaches Guitar Pedagogy at the Faculty of Music, University of Manitoba. Randy’s thoughts on guitar education have appeared regularly in the Canadian Music Educator Journal and Soundboard magazine.

The Uber mission: to establish a professional hub for sharing quality education resources. The Uber vision: to engage guitar educators and performers in sharing, contributing and benefiting from a growing list of adapted and original arrangements.

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